Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the last one last job, part 1: old school

based on an original proposal by Prof. Dan Leo

script by roger "pegleg" wilson and roy dismas

illustrations by roy dismas and eddie el greco

a penmarq studios production

"all right, that's decided. get somebody on it."

"i think i got just the guy."

"good. take care of it."

"he might take a little talking into it, but i think he'll come around."

"excuse me?"

"his name is mack treacher. he's an ex-navy seal turned private eye, he's down on his luck, he's been hitting the bottle and his daughter who's a freshman at southern cal hates him - "

"what are you running on about? what the fuck do i care about this guy's daughter? are you fucking her?"

" - and he needs one last job just to get back on his feet - "

"he has a daughter in college? how old is this guy?"

"he's not as young as he used to be, but he's experienced. he's seen and done things too terrible - "

"not as young as he used to be? is he going to put geritol and viagra on his expense account ? what is this shit?"

"his ex-wife is giving him a hard time - she's a former porn star and now she's the lead homicide detective in san francisco - "

"i've heard enough. forget this asshole and get some young guy who will work cheap and wants to prove himself."

"but this guy is experienced, experienced like you wouldn't believe. with a little time i can talk him -"

"time? just do it and get it over with. i told you - get some young cocksucker who will work right away - and won't have a heart attack if he has to run down a flight of stairs."

"jeez, i guess you don't watch too many movies or read too many books these days - "

"you know i just watch fucking porn if i ever have time to do anything - which of course i don't."

"you never seen a movie where a guy comes back for one last job? maybe with charles bronson or lee marvin or somebody like that - "

"maybe. back when i had some time on my hands."

"i still think - "

"this discussion is over. get a young guy. and just do it."

"all right, it's your call."

"you're fucking right it is. and if you can, get a young guy who's connected, so i'll be doing somebody a favor. do i have to explain everything to you?"

"anything else, or should i start lining this up now?"

"ahh - do it now. "




"mack, it's benny - benny from the east side."

"oh, yeah."

"mack - about that job i thought i could get you - you know the one?"

"um - i'm not sure - i've been in an alcohol-fueled despairing haze for - for - a fucking while now. i'm going to get back on my feet though."

"sure you are, mack. you can do it, kiddo."

"fucking a."

"about that job - i talked to the big guy. i gave it my best shot - honest, mack, i went to the wall for you, old buddy -"

"who did you say you were again?"

"benny. benny from the east side. you remember, from the captain kidd teacup caper."

"uh - yeah, the alcohol-fueled green murk of time is dissolving just a little bit now. i remember, you saved my life - or maybe i saved yours -"

"you saved mine, mack, you saved mine. i'll always be in your debt, big fella, you know that. listen, i haven't given up - "

"that's right benny, never give up. that's the first law i've learned - and the last - learned the hard way - in a hundred dark alleys and glittering penthouses - from muncie ohio to palm beach to singapore - never give up!"

"i won't, mack. the boss wants me to get a young guy - some punk nephew of some backstabbing so called friend - but if it doesn' t work out, i'll return to the charge - "

"'return to the charge' - i like that. you sound old school, benny, whoever the fuck you are. "

"that's right. us old schoolboys, we take care of our own."

"damn straight. listen, benny, it's been great talking to you, but i got to get off the phone. i need a little hair of the dog, if you get my drift."

"sure, mack. i'll keep in touch, don't you worry."

"thanks for calling."

2. the rival

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