Saturday, July 25, 2015

it isn't only crocodiles that cry, part 10: mister big

original story by horace p sternwall

originally appeared in the may-june 1945 through the jan-feb 1946 issues of throat grabbing tales

adapted for the 21st-century by chuck leary and roger "peg leg" wilson

illustrated by konrad kraus

part ten of thirteen

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part 11: the man who liked peanut butter crackers

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

the last one last job, part 8: dupre

based on an original proposal by Prof. Dan Leo

script by roy dismas and roger "peg leg" wilson

illustrations by eddie el greco and roy dismas

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mona began reading serendipity sanchez's report.

150-3 dupre :

the body of "wendell dupre" was discovered behind a dumpster behind the safeway on --------- ocean boulevard on the morning of october 11 ------ by laura sanchez, an assistant manager who was first to arrive at the store that morning. ms sanchez stated she arrived at the store around 6 a m, in order to open the store at 7 a m.

ms sanchez stated she called 911 on her personal phone immediately on discovering the body. she then waited for the respondent officers outside and did not open the store.

responding officers were ruby ghandi and falcherbia johnson, from station 68. they confirmed the body as a probable homicide and notified station.

ms sanchez told the officers she had found three bodies previously on the grounds of this store, and others at other stores she had worked at, and described herself as an "old hand from the rio grande" at finding them.

ms sanchez also joked with the officers that she would be accused of murdering the victims themselves, if she kept finding them "piled up liked this".

detectives robert roberts and jing chan arrived with a full crew and sealed off the area at 6:37. ocean boulevard was quiet. no spectators had gathered.

at 6:45 two joggers passed on ocean boulevard. detective chan stopped them, took their names and addresses and photographed them. they claimed they had not passed the store since the previous morning. they declined to be fingerprinted or give a dna sample. detective chan allowed them to go. (see appendix a)

another employee, anna marshall arrived. the detectives asked ms sanchez to open the store and detective chan entered the store with anna marshall.

detective roberts remained outside with the crew processing and searching the area. ms sanchez also remained outside. she told detective roberts she did not “want any surprises” and lit and smoked a cigarette. detective roberts asked ms sanchez for the butt when she finished so that it could rechecked against any others found in the area. ms sanchez professed to find this request hugely amusing.

detective chan made a search of the store, including the storage areas and the employees areas but found no bodies or anything immediately identifiable as indicative of violent or criminal activity.

technician-2 jennifer o’hara made a quick match of the victim’s dna.

with “wendell dupre”, an individual who had been booked for indecent exposure by the bart police on august 31 of the same year. at that time no dna matches had been made for him and he had no federal or state i d. he had been released on september 7 after the original complainant, who had given her name as “charity jeffetrson” could not be reached at the address - 653 19th street, oakland - that she had given the bart police.

( enquiries after the discovery of “wendell dupre’s” body would fail to find any trace of either “wendell dupre” or “charity jefferson” - see pp 19-23 for enquiries on “dupre” and p 31 for enquiries on “charity jefferson”)

detective roberts asked ms sanchez if she was certain as to the discovery of the previous three bodies and if she remembered the dates and if she remembered the names of the detectives who had responded to those incidents.

ms sanchez confirmed the three findings, was not sure as to the dates - she thought the most recent had been about 14 months previously, but could not remember the names of the detectives on any of the incidents. detective roberts thanked her and then made requests to db re the three incidents.

first prior incident - ocean boulevard safeway - (pi1-ob):

deceased was an african-american male, approx. 33 years old, unidentified at the time. of discovery. probable homicide. stabbed in chest. no weapon recovered.

further research has identified him as claude jones, born in massillon ohio, served in the united states army from 20—— to 20——, received honorable discharge.

numerous arrests for drunkenness and vagrancy, possession of class 4 drugs, and level 5 - 7 sex offenses in the cities of cleveland ohio, columbus ohio, and memphis tennessee . last recorded was 2 years ago.

jones was a regular at the holy ghost mission on 18th street and the jerry macdonald homeless center on turk st and pierce st. he was last seen at the holy ghost mission two nights before his body was found. staff at both places could not recall seeing him more than a year before decease.

investigation is ongoing as to jones’s whereabouts between his last arrest in memphis and his surfacing in san francisco.


with her red pen, mona circled the words “further research” and “wrote above them “when/by who” and circled “investigation is ongoing” and added “by who”.


second prior incident - ocean boulevard safeway - (pi2-ob):

unidentified asian male, approx 26 years. dentistry indicates native chinese, probably szechuan. clothing indicates recent arrival in usa - probably very recent.

no evidence of homicide.


third prior incident - ocean boulevard safeway - (pi3-ob):

caucasian female, identified as stella simmons, 42, extensive record for vagrancy, possession of drugs and paraphernalia, prostitution, indecency, child endangerment.

drug overdose. no evidence of homicide.


detectives roberts and chan did not follow up on ms laura sanchez’s statement - made voluntarily without questioning - that she had found other bodies at other stores.

in light of further developments this may be worth pursuing. serendipity sanchez had initialed this “ss”.

mona annotated it “maybe”.


no money or wallet were found on the body of wendell dupre. his pants pockets had been turned inside out. several photos and pieces of paper with writing were found on the site, and fiber analysis confirmed they had been in his pockets.

these items were the first that were later determined to indicate the existence of the possible serial murderer “zombie 5.748” to be designated hereafter as z-5.


all this was mostly familiar to mona, and she was tempted to skip ahead, but she kept on.

she wished she could have a cigarette.

but she did decide to have another cup of coffee.

to be continued